Our Missions

Youth Tennis (Donation Goal: $100,000)

Emphasis is placed on those programs and activities that help and encourage juniors to be introduced to and participate in the sport of tennis with the goal of fostering the development of life skills, leadership and self-esteem among young adults within the New York City community. In addition to tennis lessons for needy children, summer jobs for developing players and beginner clinics, we provide scholarships, grants and awards to deserving players.

Tennis for Stroke Victims and the Physically Challenged (Donation Goal: $50,000)

Our mission is to encourage participation in the sport of tennis among the physically, socially or emotionally challenged in ways that combine enjoyment, physical exertion, social interaction and personal development by conducting:

A) Tennis programs to help develop the physically impaired

B) Wheelchair workshops and exhibitions to encourage participation of special needs populations and to promote the positive aspects of introducing people to the possibilities of helping this population through tennis.

Tennis History and Archives (Donation Goal: $50,000)

The West Side Tennis Club has had the privilege of being the home of rich US Tennis history for over half a century hosting major tournaments including the US Nationals, the US Open, the Tournament of Champions and many Davis Cup events.

In close cooperation with other historical Tennis Clubs and organizations our mission is to expand and preserve our existing tennis history archives for future generations of Tennis enthusiasts and historians.

Our long term goal is to accommodate a small museum within the structure of our Tennis Stadium.

Roland Meier – President president@wstcfoundation.org

Jack Leibler – Vice President vice-president@wstcfoundation.org

Beatrice Hunt – Secretary secretary@wstcfoundation.org

Robert Ingersole – Treasurer treasurer@wstcfoundation.org

Barbra Chin – Governor

Akemi Kinoshita – Governor

Alan Edelman – Governor

Jon Knipe – Governor

Steve Schott – Governor

Jim Wilson – Governor

Sinead Whelan – Governor